About Politiikasta

Politiikasta is a prize-winning webjournal of the Finnish Political Science Association with the aim of popularizing social science and political science

The ambition of Politiikasta is to contribute to a better public discussion about politics by making social science more accessible and comprehensible. Please read the instructions for authors and do not hesitate to suggest an article by contacting us!

Politiikasta publishes articles and analyses of researchers about current political questions as well as more timeless political matters. In 2020 Politiikasta was visited over a record-breaking 289 000 times.

We want to offer sharp and interesting analyses by researchers in as many ways as possible: written, in pictures and audio & video. Politiikasta is also a genuine multilingual journal publishing in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The international publishing label of Politiikasta is ISSN 2323-7090. The information of publications in journals with ISSN-codes are saved in the National Biography of Finland and in the international ISSN portal.

Authors can add their articles to their affiliation’s publication database using the ISSN code. The articles should be categorized as popular publications.

The publications represent the authors’ views.

Politiikasta is a part of the TUTKITUSTI. -network of Finnish science publishers popularizing research.

In 2019 Politiikasta was awarded by the Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists with their annual and prestigious Science Journalist Award. In addition, in 2016 Politiikasta received the Finnish research publishing federation’s award for significant efforts in mediating research knowledge on political questions to public discussion. In 2016 Politiikasta was also a finalist for the Liikutu tiedosta -prize.

We welcome comments and proposals regarding the development of the journal!

Editorial team

Editor-in-chief Mikko Leino

Editorial manager Hanne Vuorela


In 2017-2022 Politiikasta is funded by Koneen säätiö/Kone Foundation.

We would like to thank the following institutions that have financed Politiikasta over the years:

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