Politiikasta publishes popularized scientific articles and reviews from the field of societal themes and social sciences in Finnish, Swedish and English. We also accept more polemic and column-like articles. Reviews can focus on books, movies, plays, conferences, music or anything else that has an interesting political angle.

Style and format

Articles have a maximum length of 10 000 (all included) characters. Keep in mind that web-published texts benefit from short paragraphs, only 1–2 sentences in length. Do not use lists, and always check with the editors before including images.

Avoid using academic jargon, as the journal is aimed at popularizing social sciences to broad audiences. Use subheaders in the text and avoid lengthy quotations – citations should be translated by the author into the language of the article.

The article should be supplemented by reference-links that increase the informational value of the text. The reference-links facilitate access to further information and ground all citations – do not include a separate bibliography. Do not use footnotes or endnotes.

Linked references should be added into the text in brackets after their intended place.

Please be aware that the text should be accessible to readers even without reading through all the linked content. Our managing editor will assist in formatting the references.

Editorial process

Although we welcome suggestions and ideas, we reserve the right not to comment on incomplete manuscripts. The editors will decide on publication based only on finished manuscripts.

Once the decision to publish has been reached, the managing editor will review the manuscript for publication together with the author. All published content goes through this same process.

Proofread transcripts are sent to editors by email to Please include a short introduction of the author(s).