Lukuaika: 1 min. 

Politiikasta publishes articles and reviews.

Articles are 10 000 characters maximum in length and focus on societal themes. We also accept more polemic and column-like articles. Reviews can focus on books, movies, plays, conferences, music or anything else that has an interesting political angle.

Proofread transcripts are sent to editors by email to Transcripts are edited together with the author.

Texts are sent with a preliminary title and bold subtitles. Please keep paragraphs short, approximately two to three sentences in length.

Please avoid unnecessary academic jargon or any theme specific slang. The idea is to cater for a wide audience. The importance of good writing is particularly important in digital media.

Links that clarify and exemplify the text are encouraged, and should be bracketed within the text. All references should be included as links within the main text. Citations that are originally in a different language than the main text should be translated.