Multilateralism from Southeast Asia

Indonesia holds the leadership of ASEAN in 2023. So far, the parameters from the view of effects from climate emergency are proper, but the challenge is always in orchestrating mechanism to actions.

g20 indonesia

G20 and Indonesian Presidency

Indonesia holds the presidency of the G20 intergovernmental forum for 2022. The presidency coincides with initiatives and discussions and elite meetings that have global significance, but it seems like practical connections to people’s lives in low- and middle-income countries remains limited.

Sustainable development and parliamentary diplomacy

Parliamentarians from all over the world gathered for a meeting in Bali to discuss achievement of Sustainable Development goals. There were speeches full of fancy words but little action. How could international meetings of parliamentarians be more useful?

The 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war in Russia’s geopolitical puzzle

Last autumn’s war in Nagorno-Karabakh broke the status quo, which had roughly prevailed in the region since 1994. While the ceasefire negotiated by the Russian foreign ministry and President Putin personally finally stopped this war, it also gave Russia an opportunity to assemble a few important pieces in its geopolitical puzzle in the wider South Caucasus region.

Pandemic election in Indonesia

Despite the pandemic, Indonesia was able to hold elections last December. Many of the candidates were related to current politicians which sparked a national debate over nepotism.

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