Editorial staff

Our editorial team consists of extensive expertise and knowledge within the field of political science and more largely in social sciences.

Please see also the letters from the editorial team regarding topical events, open vacancies, matters of the editorial team and previous media appearances.

Mikko Poutanen


PhD Mikko Poutanen is a grant research in a project funded by the Kone Foundation at the University of Tampere. Before returning to write his PhD in political science at the University of Tampere, Poutanen worked 2006–2012 in the Nokia Corporation. He defended his prize-winning dissertation in April 2018. His thesis dealt with the homogenization of socio-political argumentation in 21st century Finland. Poutanen specializes in political communication and political economy. Poutanen has acted as the editor-in-chief of Politiikasta since January 2019.

Leena Malkki


D.Soc.Sc. Leena Malkki is a lecturer at the Network for European studies at the University of Helsinki. She has extensive experience in research in terrorism and political violence in the Western countries. She has also analyzed school shootings. Malkki is a visiting researcher at the Leiden University.

Johanna Peltoniemi


PhD Johanna Peltoniemi is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences in the University of Helsinki, and a board member of the Finnish Political Science Association. She is the chairperson of FinnVote research consortium, a member of the Finnish National Election Studies research consortium and a migration fellow from the Finnish Institute of Migration. Her research interests focus on transnationalism, emigrant voting behaviour and cross-border political representation.

Tuija Lattunen


MSc Tuija Lattunen is a doctoral student at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences. She studies political uses of art, artlike activism and creative resistance especially in the context of critical consumerism. Lattunen is one of the two curators of the Politiikasta art series.

Iida-Maria Tammi


MSc Iida-Maria Tammi is currently a doctoral student at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences. Her research deals with the military use of humanitarian aid in the Syrian conflict. Tammi has previously worked with foreign and security policy and arms control at the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and at the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs’ field office in Peru. Tammi is one of the two curators of the Politiikasta art series.

Photo Gennady Kurushin

Gennady Kurushin

Web Designer

M.Sc. Gennady Kurushin is a freelance web designer with extensive experience in graphic design and digital marketing. Kurushin supports the popularization of science and is inspired by team work and opportunities to realize creative ideas.


Editorial staff

Talvikki Ahonen

D.Soc.Sc. Talvikki Ahonen is a postdoctoral researcher at the School of Theology at the University of Eastern Finland. In her doctoral dissertation (2019) Ahonen studied Finnish church asylum movement. Her current research interests focus on intersections of religion and politics.

Joonas Aitonurmi


MSc Joonas Aitonurmi has studied political science in University of Helsinki. Currently he works as a specialist in public sector. Aitonurmi is pleased to embrace the task of popularizing science as a journalist. In his master thesis, he studied political representation of employer organisations and Finnish forest industry.

Emma Hakala


Emma Hakala, Doctor of Social Sciences, works as Senior Fellow at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs. Her doctoral dissertation in political history examined the concept of environmental security and the role of international organisations in promoting it in the post-conflict Western Balkans. Hakala’s research interesests include environmental and climate security as well as sustainable development.

Sigrid Kaasik-Krogerus


D.Soc.Sc Sigrig Kaasik-Krogerus is a postdoc researcher at the University of Jyväskylä’s research institute in music, arts and culture in the EUROHERIT-project. The project analyses how the European Union creates a European cultural heritage and how it is utilized in the construction of identities. In addition, Kaasik-Krogerus is interested in media, identities, the EU, eastern Europe and Estonia.

Jenni Karimäki


Doc.Soc.Sci Jenni Karimäki is lecturer in political history and senior researcher at the Centre for Parliamentary Studies at the University of Turku. Karimäki has specialised in political ideologies and history of ideas and mentalities and in her doctoral dissertation she studied Finnish liberalism and political culture in the 1920s and 1930s. In her postdoctoral research she has been studying the green movement.

Johannes Lehtinen


Johannes Lehtinen (MSSc) is a PhD researcher at the Faculty of Management and Business at the University of Tampere. He is currently conducting research on the participation of citizens and civil society in EU policy making in Finland. His particular focus are questions concerning the democratic legitimacy of the European Union. He is also interested in developments of European integration, the varieties of political participation and the economic, asylum and climate policies of the EU.

Karim Maïche


Karim Maïche is a doctoral researcher at the Tampere Peace Reasearch Institute (TAPRI) at the University of Tampere. In his dissertation he studies the autonomous labour movement in the Algiers and more broadly the civil society of the country. In addition, the research interests of Maïche are North Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean massmovements, mobilization and cultural history.

Emilia Palonen


D.Soc.Sc, docent Emilia Palonen is lecturer in political science at the University of Helsinki. Palonen conducts research in democratic opportunities, populism, Europe and cities (especially Budapest, Helsinki and Luxembourg). She developed the Politiikasta-journal and was its first chief-in-editor in 2012-2014.

Laura Parkkinen


M.Soc.Sc, MA Laura Parkkinen is a free journalist and researcher. She has specialized in France and populism. Parkkinen worked as project researcher at the University of Jyväskylä in 2015-2016 within the Academy of Finland project “Populismi liikkeenä ja retoriikkana”. Parkkinen is preparing her dissertation on populism as communication at the University of Turku. In the spring 2017 she was teacher and visiting researcher at the Université de Bourgognessa.