Long roots of American influence over Japan

Possibility of an armed conflict highlights Japan’s vulnerability as tensions in East Asia continue. Forced to rely on American military cooperation due to its ‘pacifist’ constitution, Japanese leadership ensures means for American hegemonic influence.

European Security’s Closing Skies

What will happen to European security with the United States withdrawing from and Russia interfering with trust-based security? One strategy that could alleviate the current conflict would be a deeper discussion of history.

Understanding the global economy after Platform companies

Uber and other platform companies have showed that digitalization is an engine of deregulation. However, the need of governments to intervene in issues such as lower wages of Uber drivers is an issue of intense debate between between free-marketeers and supporters of continuous state regulation.

DocPoint: Citizen Oligarch

Alex Gibney’s documentary Citizen K presents the story of Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s rise to prominence and his eventual fall from grace. Yet, there is something amiss in this narrative of the rise and fall of the oligarch – namely, the concept of oligarch and oligarchy itself.

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